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Tantra Vinyasa Flow

Every Tuesday in Lausanne, Av. de L’Université 24. From 19:00 to 20:15.

Tantra Yoga is a soft but powerful type of yoga combining asana, pranayamas, bandha (energy lock) and chakra (energy center) allowing our energies to circulate freely in our entire body. It gives strength, clarity, and bliss to the body and the mind. It reconnects us to our higher-selves, working with the notion of letting go anything that doesnt serve us through deep savasanas and relaxation.

Level 1-2: This class is open to anyone who is beginner to Level 1 of Yoga.

Power Yoga Flow

Every Wednesday in Lausanne, Av. de L’Université 24. From 20:00 to 21:15.

This class combines Ashtanga/Power yoga postures in a nice flow with the right music in the background. The class has been designed for students wanting  to increase core development and purifying the body at the same time. It is a dynamic class where we will work progressively through the postures, focusing on the importance of breath, bandhas and focus.

Level 1-2: This class requires knowledge of Yoga. 


 Prices 2017
First 2 Classes CHF 30
1 Class CHF 25
5 Classes CHF 120
10 Classes CHF 230

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Prices and Conditions

The prices are in Swiss francs (CHF). Myoga Studio is exempt from VAT. Price changes, misapprehension and errors are excepted. Prices are binding as applied at the time of the order. Time and Count subscriptions are personal and not reimbursable. The subscriptions do not expire.

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Cash: Before the classes at the studio.

Refund / Cancellation policy

Prepaid classes and absence from classes are non-refundable. Class passes are non refundable, non extendable, non sharable, and non transferable to other persons. They are not subject to limits of time. A refund for a private class can be issued only in case of illness or injury, upon presentation of a medical certificate or cancel 24 hours before the class.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.