Full moon and Dragon pose

What does a full moon and Dragon pose have in common?

The next full moon, on Wednesday 25 November, is in Gemini the twin. It governs the stomach meridian. The stomach works closely with the spleen and the large intestines to protect against illness. The stomach is the strongest organ so it can take a long time for disease to show up. It is the base for our emotional stability and where you can sense emotion. This is a good opportunity to strengthen this meridian to avoid future problems.

The stomach meridian starts below our nose, go down the chest, around the breast, through the outside of the thigh and ends in the second toe. A branch goes in the big toe in order to follow the spleen meridian. This meridian is yang. The spleen meridian starts in the big toe, goes through the inside of the leg, the thigh, passes on the stomach and spleen, goes through the chest and end under the armpit. This is a Yin meridian.

These two meridians are connected to the end of the summer, the colour is yellow, and the element is the earth. The taste is rather sweetened and the emotion is the anxiety, stress or depression. The symptoms in the body will impact the muscles. It will also avoid digestive problems and constipation.

Yoga and tips

  • Yin yoga working on the stomach and spleen meridian. Here is an example of a pose with the dragon pose. The Yoga mudra pose is also advised to practice for 3-11 minutes. Any chanting with the sound “HAR”, the fish pose is also beneficial with long deep breaths.
  • Eat yellow/orange food like corns, mangos, bananas, sweet potatoes, papayas..
  • Wear yellow clothes and spend time in the forest, mountain, meditations in the nature..
  • Avoid stress, irregular meals, quick eating, food that is too hot or too cold, coffee, red wine and eating before going to sleep.

Dragon pose

dragon pose

This pose allows deep hip and groin opener that gets right into the joint. It stretches the back leg’s hip flexors and quadriceps. It stimulates the stomach, spleen and liver meridians as well as the bladder area. More we bend, more we will activate those meridians.

It can be uncomfortable for the kneecap or ankle. If you are stiff, the back thigh will be at a 90 degree angle to the front thigh, putting a lot of weight on the kneecap. Support the back knee with a blanket, or place a bolster under the shin, allowing the back knee to be off the floor.

Getting Into the Pose
Begin either on hands and knees or in Down Dog. Step one foot between the hands. Walk the front foot forward until the knee is right above the heel. Slide the back knee backward as far as you can. Keep the hands on either side of the front foot. It can touch or not the floor.

Alternatives & Options
You can place two blocks on the side of you in order to maintain a certain balance. It will help you to go deeper into the pose too.

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