The benefits of yoga blocks

The benefits of using yoga blocks and which one to buy

Using props during yoga practice can be overwhelming, especially yoga blocks. B.K.S Iyengar was a pioneer in using yoga blocks and other props in order to keep up with his practice due to illness, which prevented him to fully get advanced postures on his own.

One of the reasons why we love to use yoga blocks is because it helps us deepen the pose without much effort. We can concentrate on the breath and drishti rather than trying hard to focus on holding the pose. As yoga instructors, we use blocks with any student struggling or holding their breath to keep the pose. It will also to help them get the next level on their practice.

Yoga blocks offer great support for your back, hips, head and hands. They area great help for beginner students and other practitioners who may have some injuries or limitations to get into difficult poses, such as the ones where lengthening the spine is required.

According to some studies, the use of yoga blocks are beneficial for:

  • Providing support, they allow the body to maintain the right alignment,
  • Helping to modify poses according to individual convenience thereby helping you increase the flexibility in the body,
  • Going through the least amount of stress and strain, especially when you’re practicing a difficult pose,
  • Holding on to difficult poses and for a longer time as well,
  • Reducing injuries and the amount of energy required to perform asanas.

What yoga block to buy?

Most of the blocks you find in the market are made of foam. Foam is not very eco-friendly and can get dirty easily. However they can be a good tool for soft yoga such as Yin Yoga for example.

We personally love our new yoga blocks handmade of Swiss pine by a local carpenter not too far from the studio. They are made out of wood which make them more sturdy and durable. Even though wood yoga blocks are relatively heavier than others, they offer more support and will last forever. If you like to order one of our wood yoga blocks now, visit our yoga shop page and order one.

If you have any questions on this subject, do not hesitate to ask us questions!

The video below will show you different poses you can try with your new yoga block.

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