Our favorite Thanksgiving dessert

Thanksgiving dessert

Thanksgiving is always a special holiday for me. It is the time for everyone to finally come together and be grateful for everything in life. Although we ought be doing that more often, we get caught up with our daily lives and forget about it all. But, Thanksgiving is definitely the right time to remember all of the family and be grateful for having them in your life, as well as everything you have (of course, before going on a shopping extravaganza on black Friday sales 🙂

But, let’s get right to the dinner, oh I mean let’s get to the dessert, my favorite part. Sweet potatoes are very much one of my favorite foods, but when combined as dessert with the bananas and honey, what else do you want? Here it’s one of my favorite Thanksgiving dessert recipes I found on the Food Network, and one I’ve been doing since before moving to Switzerland. So be grateful this Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy this awesome dessert while you’re at it.

[yumprint-recipe id=’20’]

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