Partner Yoga poses

Strengthen your relationship with these easy partner yoga poses

Valentine’s day is almost here and instead of going for the same old flowers or chocolates, spend more quality time at home or in the park with your partner. Strengthen your relationship by practicing some yoga together.

Yoga means “union” or “to join” the body, mind and soul. That union can also be formed with your partner or significant other. Adding a partner, friend or family member to your yoga practice, it will strengthen the relationship and the benefits are endless. Trust, communication and fun are all benefits of partner yoga.

Here are the 4 poses Lydie and I love to practice with each other.

Stretching hamstrings

partner yoga poses

This pose I learned from my workshop with Patrick Beach and it’s sensational on stretching your hamstrings.

One person stands and folds forward in Uttanasana. The hips are aligned with feet and ankles are a little away from the hips, spine straight. Touch the floor if you can otherwise leave the hands on the legs. The other places the soles of the feet behind the leg of the one standing. Bind both hands together by the wrists and the person sitting down will start to push back. Make sure when the person standing reaches the limit for the stretch, tap your partner with your finger to let them know is enough as you need to concentrate on the breathing. Hold it for 10 breathes or more.

When you are done, switch positions and follow along the next posture.

Paschimottanasana partner

partner yoga poses

Both of you sit with the back against each other. Communicate and decide which partner will do the Paschimottanasana posture first. Seat on the floor with the legs straight. Inhale and exhale bending forward. The other one starts lifting the pelvis up to have the back on top of the other person. Inhale and push toward the front. Exhale. Make sure to communicate and know when to stop pushing and keep breathing. Hold it for 10 breathes.

Once done, change with the other partner.

Double Downward facing dog

partner yoga poses

The downward facing dog posture is the home of the yogis, as we call it in Ashtanga. Feel more at home while sharing this posture with your partner.

One of you goes in regular downward facing dog. Be well rooted down, press down on your palms and pull your hips up and back. Establish a straight line from your wrists through your shoulders, spine, and hips. The feet are grounded separated by 1 size foot. Keep the head away from shoulders. While the other one positions the sole of the feet, he/she places the hands on the floor, forming an angle with the hips. The feet should help strengthen the partner’s back. Breathe together for a 5 to 7 breaths and switch positions with your partner.

Forearm back massage

partner yoga poses

This pose is one of our favorite partner yoga poses as we have a chance to give each other a good and gentle massage, even if it’s with the soles of our feet. One of both goes into a down facing-dog with the forearms on the floor. The hips go up and feet toward the floor. The partner against the wall will position the soles of the feet on the shoulder blades of his partner and carefully move the feet in circles. It is important to communicate with each other to make sure your have the right pressure and it’s not causing any pain. Hold the pose as long as it is confortable and switch!

After enjoying all of these partner yoga poses, why not spend some more time together by cooking a nice and healthy meal at home. Try these different recipes we love to cook together for valentine’s day, specially the Pad Thai recipe, it’s our favorite.