What is Tantra Yoga ?

Tantra Yoga, the unknown but most valuable practice!

Let’s start by defining the word Tantra, which has two defined roots in Sanskrit :

Tanoti: which means expansion (expansion of the mind)

Trayati: which means freedom ( liberation of the energy)

Tantra teaches reintegration with the Whole and highlights life from a wholesome perspective. Tantra Yoga works on the expansion of the mind and the liberation of the energy through asanas (postures), pranayamas (breath), bandhas (energy locks) and chakras (energy center).

There are many goals we can accomplish by practicing Tantra Yoga, but a constant practice allows our energy to circulate freely in our entire body. It gives strength, clarity, and bliss to the body and the mind. It reconnects us to our higher-selves, working with the notion of letting go anything that doesn’t serve us through deep savasanas (corpse pose) and relaxation.

Tantra Yoga comes from different forms of Yoga, such as Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Nidra, and take roots from various religious traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

According to these traditions, the body and mind are the gifts of the Divine (or the Universe). The Tantrism science teaches us to cherish life. This science asserts that if we don’t live life to our full potential, we will not fulfill the purpose of our birth, which is the Dharma. In realizing one’s true nature or dharma, one understands our true potential (Artha). Artha relates to those things that enable you to fulfill our potential as a human being. Tantra Yoga reconnects us to these principles as well as to listening to our body and trusting ourselves.


We give Tantra Yoga Classes in Lausanne every Tuesday at 19h, please follow our schedule for more details.

Should you want to learn more about traditional Tantra Yoga, please watch the below video made by Sri Kali Ashram (www.shrikaliashram.org) where Myoga Studio got certified from.