Child’s pose a restorative pose

Child’s pose, Balasana
(bah-LAHS-anna) bala = enfant

During an Ashtanga practice, we may face some challenges in term of breathing or postures. Don’t worry, you can take any time the child’s pose that has amazing restorative effects. It is also possible to practice this pose at home, to stretch the lower back, arms and relax the entire body. It is also a great tool to calm the mind.

For people that have knee problems, ankle problems, lower yourself into this yoga pose with extra care. Pregnant women should avoid this pose.

Here are some tips for this pose:

  1. Start on your knees with your feet together, and butt resting on your heels. Separate your knees about the width of your hips,
  2. Inhale deeply, then exhale as you bring your chest and body down forward, placing your arms forward as well. Rest your forehead on the floor,
  3. You can stay here in the fully stretched position or rest your arms along the floor next to you as per the picture, palms facing the sky,
  4. Breathe gently through your nostrils. You can hold the pose for 1 to 2 minutes. You should feel a mild stretch in your shoulders and buttocks and down the length of your spine and arms. Don’t force anything and relax your shoulders and neck,
  5. To come up, inhale and gently lengthen the torso to come back on your knees.

Beginners can also use Balasana to get a taste of a deep forward bend, where the torso rests on the thighs.

childs pose balasana

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